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Bee Heller's Avatar

Bee Heller

Founding Partner

Holly May Mahoney's Avatar

Holly May Mahoney

Design Thinker

Richard Hughes-Jones's Avatar

Richard Hughes-Jones

Executive Coach

Ben Ford's Avatar

Ben Ford

Tech Partner

Bérengère Hazelton's Avatar

Bérengère Hazelton

Talent Partner

Favour Adefila's Avatar

Favour Adefila

Talent Partner

Annie Gascoyne's Avatar

Annie Gascoyne

Organisational Psychologist

John Hazelton's Avatar

John Hazelton

Director, Recruitment

Mark Palmer's Avatar

Mark Palmer


Matt Grimshaw's Avatar

Matt Grimshaw

Founding Partner

Stephani Oliveira's Avatar

Stephani Oliveira

Talent Partner

Olesya Myakonkaya's Avatar

Olesya Myakonkaya

Service Designer

Chris Yeo's Avatar

Chris Yeo


Luke Cadden's Avatar

Luke Cadden

Talent Partner

Maísa Mattedi's Avatar

Maísa Mattedi

Talent Partner

Chantal Wilson's Avatar

Chantal Wilson

Director & Product Owner, Hospitality

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