We’re culture engineers

Behind every great culture is a coherent, systematic and innovative approach to people management

We design and build these people operating systems to create a culture that drives your growth and gives you a sustainable source of competitive advantage

Our approach

Story IconStory

It starts with your story: who you are, why you’re in business, what you want to fix and where you want to get to

What you get...

A clear, simple and compelling narrative that explains the journey you want to go on as a company

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Iain Holden, Founder and Managing Director of TSK Group

Iain Holden

Founder and Managing Director of TSK Group

“We’ve been in business for 20 years and we’ve continually wrestled with how to tell our story in a way that’s authentic and inspiring. Within two days,The Pioneers had nailed it! Now we have a story that all our leaders have bought into and we’re constantly using it to engage and explain the journey we’re on to our colleagues and clients.”

Enquiry IconEnquiry

Assessing whether your peopleOS is fit for growth

  • What are the constraints holding you back?
  • What do you need to protect?
  • What do you need to build?
  • Who are your pioneers, what do they do differently and why?

What you get...

An expert perspective on your culture, an assessment of what needs to change, and a strategy and backlog for re-engineering your peopleOS

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David Manly, Head of Customer at Nando’s

David Manly

Head of Customer at Nando’s

“The approach taken by The Pioneers was truly unique as their advice and recommendations came from immersing themselves within our business as opposed to offering opinions from outside it. They have been a pleasure to work with and bring a substantial intellectual rigour, delivered with warmth and humility, offering fresh insights to even the most skilled and experienced restaurant managers.”

Ideation IconIdeation

A short burst of creativity focused on one component of your peopleOS, where we explore the problem, create new options and prototypes, and decide which we’ll go on to build

What you get...

New ideas and original solutions based on an in depth understanding of your people and business; inspired by the latest science and pioneering management practices from around the world

Looking for inspiration? Read stories from companies who’ve pioneered new ways of working

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The Pioneers ideation session
Tanja Nitschke, VP Global Talent Management at Funding Circle

Tanja Nitschke

VP Global Talent Management at Funding Circle

“The Pioneers are the people I go to for fresh thinking and new ideas.”

Sprint IconSprint

We build out your peopleOS in sprints

This means we can be responsive, evidence based and always working on what’s most valuable to you

For each sprint, we create a team that combines your internal resource with our network of culture engineers

What you get...

At the end of each sprint you have a new aspect of your peopleOS ready for release

Want to know more about how we work…

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The Pioneers sprint planning
Faye Hance, Head of People at Five Guys

Faye Hance

Head of People at Five Guys

“The Pioneers have helped us to design and build an on boarding experience that’s true to our brand, but also completely focused on the needs of our crew members and managers… and we’ve done it in a way that allows us to continue to improve and to demonstrate the value to the business.”