We’re culture engineers

Behind every great culture is a coherent, systematic and innovative approach to people management - this is what we do!

How do we do it…?

1. Start with your story

We help you to reflect on and articulate your company narrative so we can design a peopleOS that reflects your purpose, values, brand and strategy.

BLOG Why every scale-up needs a story

2. Get the foundations in place

The key to building an effective peopleOS is capturing the data on your people’s behaviour and decision making so you can experiment and learn as you grow. We’ll set up your data infrastructure so all your People data feeds into a consolidated, structured database. Think of this like the Lego baseplate.

BLOG Why sorting your data infrastructure is the one long term investment you’ll never regret

3. Build your peopleOS brick by brick

We design and build your peopleOS as an interlocking system of ‘digital Lego bricks’ that all feed into a single database. Each brick solves a particular need, is self-sustaining (i.e. it doesn’t need any further involvement from us to make it work) and the bricks fit together to create seamless user journeys.

BLOG Why modular tech is the way forward for scale-ups that want to create a distinctive People Experience

Wait… that all sounds great, but I need help to put out some fires first!

Recruitment as a Service

An experienced Talent Team who can:

  • Hire great people, fast
  • Represent your brand and deliver a great experience for candidates and hiring managers
  • Build products and optimise your recruitment process as they go

From £10,500 + VAT pcm

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People Ops as a Service

An experienced People Team who can:

  • Help you determine your People strategy
  • Coach and develop your team
  • Automate processes and fix problems

From £7,500 + VAT pcm

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If you’re a scale-up that has Product/ Market Fit and is growing quickly

If you genuinely care about your culture

And you need some help with a People related challenge

…then we can help.

What makes us a great partner

1. We actually build stuff...

There are lots of consultants out there who can offer you advice on your people and culture, but to get lasting value you need to build products that get results.

2. The way we build is really smart…

We don’t build standalone solutions, we create modular products that feed into a single database and that fit together to create a seamless user experience.

3. Look at our team!

If you’re a scale-up that wants to build an amazing people experience then you’ll need access to a breadth of skills and experience you can’t hold in-house.

Partnering with The Pioneers means you can access that expertise as and when you need it.