Recruitment as a Service

For scale-ups who need to hire fast
Do you need to hire lots of people, fast?
Do you want to avoid paying ridiculous fees to recruitment agencies?
Do you want to bypass the 6 - 12 month delay of building up your internal talent acquisition team?

Have you thought about Recruitment as a Service…?

  • Immediate support from experienced Talent Partners
  • Embedded in your business for 3-5 days a week
  • Pay-as-you-go, with no long term commitment

Ari Last

Co-Founder, Bubble App

“Having a Talent Partner embedded in the team means they’re able to truly represent our brand and our culture to candidates and inspire them with our vision for Bubble. Working with The Pioneers has saved me so much valuable time and made the entire hiring process much more seamless.”

How it works...

We provide you with experienced Talent Partners who act as your in-house talent acquisition team

They can get to work immediately, helping you to hire and onboard the talent you need to grow

Our Talent Partners have a proven track record of delivering for scale-ups, but they’re also pioneers… they’re people who really understand People and Culture; people who crack on and get stuff done; people who show up with personality, humanity and a bit of spark

So what...

Recruitment as a Service enables you to start delivering on your immediate hiring needs

But it also gives you the time and headspace to be more strategic and to start building your peopleOS - the system you’ll need to manage people at scale

Typical next steps for our Recruitment as a Service clients include:

  • Attraction: using your company story to differentiate yourself in the market and testing pioneering attraction strategies that will secure the candidates you need to grow
  • Selection: optimising your selection process and mitigating for bias
  • Onboarding: building an onboarding journey that ensures compliance and sets new starters up for success
Need to hire fast? Get in touch to find out if Recruitment as a Service is the right solution for you...
John Hazelton
Partner and Recruitment Architect
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