I’m half sad, half excited to be sending this newsletter to you today. Sad because it’s going to be our last newsletter for a while. You may have noticed their absence over the past six weeks. The truth is we’ve been so busy we’ve simply not had the time to curate something we’re proud of and think worthy of sharing with you every week. No one needs another mediocre newsletter clogging up their inbox so rather than send you something slapdash we chose to simply give you (and ourselves) a break.

Sometime in the next 6 weeks (give or take a couple of weeks) I’m also due to give birth to a baby boy. My hope is that amidst the nappies, crying, cuddles and sleepless nights, I might enjoy some brain stimulation and so return to writing this newsletter later this year. Right now, I’ve limited appreciation for how life is about to change so I’m not making any commitments!

But this newsletter isn’t just about saying goodbye from me for now, we also have some genuinely exciting Pioneers news to share…

Recruitment as a Service is LIVE

John Hazelton joined our team in January to build this new area of our business. John’s sociable and proactive nature, combined with his in depth expertise of the recruitment industry, has meant Recruitment as a Service is flourishing under his care. If you want to know more about what we’re doing in this space, check out our new webpage.

If you know any founders of scaling businesses:

  • Who need to hire fast;
  • Who want to avoid paying ridiculous fees to recruitment agencies; and
  • Who want to bypass the 6 – 12 month delay of building up their internal talent acquisition team;

Then please introduce them to john.hazelton@thepioneers.co.uk or send them a link to our webpage!

If you want to know more about John personally and why he decided to join The Pioneers, have a read of his blog.

Fancy winning £50 to spend on books?

We’re currently mulling over what more we could do to support our community of pioneering People people in scale-ups. We’d really appreciate your thoughts on the kind of community you’d want to be part of and the purpose it could serve. If you could spare 5 minutes to share your thoughts with us here, we’d really appreciate it.

While one lucky survey taker will win £50 in book vouchers (you’ve got pretty good odds on this by the way), we can also guarantee everyone will win the feel good factor you get for doing something helpful for someone else! Thank you thank you!

The happy secret to better work

Finally, because it’s our last newsletter for a while, I wanted to leave you with one of my favourite TED talks of all time.

The central message of this talk by Shawn Achor is we should reverse our formula for success. Instead of constantly putting off happiness until we’ve achieved our next goal (and so perpetually shifting the goalposts such that we’re never satisfied) we should focus on how more happiness now can fuel our creativity, productivity and success.

Shawn uses storytelling and comedy to brilliant effect in this talk – if you haven’t seen it and you want to smile and laugh for the next 12 minutes, I highly recommend you click the link.

If you only signed up to our newsletter recently and feel short changed by this solitary offering, do have a browse around the content page of our website. We’ll be continuing to add to the large number of blogs and thought pieces already there. We’re also going to be producing more video content over the coming months so keep an eye on our social media channels for more details soon.

For now I’ll leave you with the wise words of A.A. Milne which sum up my current feelings perfectly…

Speak soon…


Founder and soon to be mummy at The Pioneers