If you’re scaling a business and need to hire lots of people, fast, find out how we embedded one of our Talent Partners into the M2A Media team, helping them deliver on their immediate recruitment needs whilst also building for the future.

What we delivered

Over a period of three months we:

  • Recruited two tech hires, one product marketing specialist and an HR associate for the business
  • Saved an estimate of 105 hours of hiring managers’ time by taking full responsibility for managing candidates through the first stage of the recruitment process including a telephone interview 
  • Saved M2A Media over £10,000 in recruitment agency spend
  • Provided weekly data showing which tools were working and which ones were not, constantly refining our approach in response to this 
  • Handed over a strong, diverse pipeline of candidates to their newly hired HR associate to continue their recruitment activity

Who are M2A Media?

M2A Media delivers live video products to some of the world’s largest streaming services. They were founded in 2016 by senior software engineers with experience working for major players in the British broadcasting industry who saw the need for flexible and scalable tools enabling broadcasters to manage, publish and distribute video easily and cost-effectively.

By mixing savvy software engineering, bullet-proof operational support and leveraging the opportunities offered by the advent of cloud computing, M2A Media are at the forefront of innovation and quality in online video delivery.

The challenge

The team at M2A Media were spending too much of their time on recruitment and it was distracting them from getting on with their core business activities. Adding to the challenge they had limited recruitment expertise in house.

What we did

We provided M2A Media with an experienced Talent Partner, a well structured recruitment process and the backend systems to ensure smooth administration of candidates from sourcing through to selection and onboarding. We integrated these processes into their existing Slack workspace so their hiring managers were automatically nudged to keep the process flowing and create a great candidate experience.

The activities of our Talent Partners included:

  • Creating candidate personas, job descriptions and screening criteria for candidate profiles
  • Executing the talent attraction strategy, setting up and managing job postings and undertaking searches for passive candidates
  • Taking responsibility for initial outreach and conducting the first screening interview, providing M2A Media with a briefing on candidate shortlists
  • Managing the administration of the recruitment and onboarding process: booking calls, providing candidates with feedback, offer letters, employment contracts etc
  • Providing M2A Media with a weekly update on progress against agreed KPIs
  • Joining a monthly review meeting between M2A Media stakeholders and The Pioneers’ Recruitment Architect, John Hazleton, which included sharing insights from candidate feedback

The results

M2A Media now have four new team members in their business. They also have a custom built applicant tracking system and lots of data insights to help plan for their future hires. Finally, we provided them with a list of focus areas to work on moving forward to keep improving the effectiveness of their recruitment activity.

What they said about us

“When we started to struggle to hire the right people for our team I knew we had to find a solution that was cost effective and was aligned with our company. After assessing many options we decided to engage with The Pioneers. Their Recruitment as a Service offered us time saving for our hiring managers allowing them to focus on their day jobs, only getting involved in the recruitment process when there were high quality qualified candidates for them to interview. We saved money, gave time back to managers and hired one more person than expected – I couldn’t have wished for more!”

Lynn Marcus, Financial Controller at M2A Media

“I had been managing the whole recruitment process myself before The Pioneers came along. It was extremely time sapping and I was in need of some support. Michael was our dedicated Talent Partner for our tech hires. The best thing about working with Michael was how quickly he embedded into the business. The Pioneers ability to understand our culture and hiring requirements was key to the success of the partnership. When we start to plan our next hiring drive, The Pioneers will be the first number I call.”

Chris Toppon, Engineering Manager at M2A Media

What our team had to say

“The flexibility and autonomy to organise my day to best reach both our own and the client’s goals really gave me a sense of empowerment and trust to deliver on my objectives. The personal nature of my relationship with M2A was key to its success. It felt very much like a partnership rather than offering a service. Also, with the tools we used it was really easy to get feedback quickly on any questions.

What I really enjoy is the reaction when offering someone the job. With great clients comes great opportunities and hearing how happy the candidates are to begin their new roles makes all the hard work worth it.”

Michael Aspinall, Talent Partner at The Pioneers

“I really enjoyed the flexibility, support and the genuine interest from management. The relationship with M2A worked well because from the outset we set up expectations, objectives and realistic goals together with the hiring managers and agreed to a minimum of 1 weekly catch-up via a video call.

It was super helpful that M2A worked with us to provide good and constructive feedback on candidates, which ultimately made it easier to find the candidates that had the perfect fit.”

Mariola Krause, Talent Partner at The Pioneers

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