If you’re scaling a business and need to hire lots of people, fast, have a little read about how we embedded one of our Talent Partners into the Bubble app team, helping them deliver on their immediate recruitment needs, whilst also building for the future.

What we delivered

Over a period of 3 months we:

  • Recruited the first internal tech team
  • Gave back c.160 hours to hiring managers by taking full responsibility for managing candidates through the recruitment journey
  • Saved Bubble app over £10,500 in recruitment agency spend
  • Conducted A/B testing to optimise and improve sticking points in the talent pipeline
  • Custom built an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Who are Bubble app and what was the challenge?

Created in 2015, Bubble app is a service that allows you to find brilliant and trusted local sitters to look after your kids: awesome sitters and nannies on demand. They have seen good growth with over 100k members, and raised £2million seed last year.

Bubble app had been outsourcing their software development, and whilst they had a great relationship with their external partner, there was a big cost associated with this. They decided that instead, they would like the spend to be used to create 3 new permanent roles.

Bubble had multiple reasons for wanting permanent hires, and two highlighted were: retained knowledge and growth of their tech team internally (they didn’t have an in-house tech team and wanted to hire people to build that); and having an internal team to assist with potential future fund raises. They had been using a combination of agencies and direct outreach, but these were not working.

Their immediate need was to hire 3 great people within the shortest time frame possible; and they needed help to communicate that Bubble app was creating some very exciting innovative tech and was an exciting place to join as an employee.

What we did

We provided Bubble app with an experienced Talent Partner, a well structured recruitment process and the backend systems to ensure smooth administration of candidates from sourcing through to selection and onboarding. We integrated these processes into their existing Slack workspace so that their hiring managers were automatically nudged to keep the process flowing and create a great candidate experience.

Our Talent Partner:

  • Custom built an ATS with comms integrations
  • Improved job descriptions and defined screening criteria for candidate profiles
  • Executed the talent attraction strategy, set up and managed job postings and undertook a search for passive candidates
  • Completed screenings and first stage screening interviews, providing Bubble with a briefing on candidate shortlists
  • Managed all administration of the recruitment and onboarding process: booking calls, providing candidates with feedback, offer letters, employment contracts etc
  • Provided Bubble with a weekly update on progress against agreed KPIs

We also held a monthly review meeting between Bubble stakeholders and our Recruitment Architect, John Hazleton, which included sharing insights from candidate feedback.

The results

We have left Bubble app in a place where they now have their own in-house tech team, a custom built ATS to track any future hires and data insights from the A/B testing we conducted that should allow their future pipeline to be even more efficient. On top of that there was a saving in excess of £10k.

What they said about us

We had been searching for a while for our open vacancies, and the methods of agencies and tools weren’t working. When The Pioneers approached us about RaaS I was a bit skeptical having never used a service like this. However, John quickly put me at ease with the implementation of an ATS and weekly updates sharing data insights with our dedicated Talent Partner Nicola. The focus was on quality over quantity and eventually that led to us hiring our first Tech Team. This is in no small part thanks to the combination of a Talent Partner who worked exclusively with us 3 days a week and access to a Recruitment Architect to manage the process. The best thing about the process was that it gave us an enormous amount of time back and we saved a lot of money.

Ari Last, CEO & Founder at Bubble App

What our team had to say

I worked this role part from Scotland and then part from America and I was a tad nervous as I had never worked fully remote with a team before let alone fully remote with a new team and new client. But those nerves quickly dissipated with the weekly meetings with the Bubble Team and the team mates at The Pioneers. It was clearly evident there was trust in the process and in the recruiter feedback on candidates, market trends, salary and benchmarking. This made it very easy to put together great packages for people who were being offered the job. Bubble app were super responsive to actions and open to feedback which is exactly how The Pioneers want to work: to become a part of the team. Because the company was committed to enablement, diversity and flexibility, it made the whole experience very nice.

Nicola Mair, Talent Partner at The Pioneers

Find out more

If you’re a scale-up, recruitment is going to be critical to your success. If you can’t attract and retain the talent you need, you’re not going to grow. Recruitment needs to be an integral part of your people operating system, not something you outsource to agencies.

And you need to build a recruitment engine that’s scaleable, otherwise, recruitment eats your cash. At The Pioneers, we help you deliver on your immediate recruitment needs, whilst also helping you to build for the future.

So if you’re a scaling business and need to hire lots of people, fast; wanting to avoid paying ridiculous fees to recruitment agencies; want to bypass the 6 – 12 month delay of building up your internal talent acquisition team; and want to build a recruitment engine that’s scaleable, please email me to find out more.