How we re-engineered the People tech infrastructure to support innovation & improve the employee experience in one of the UK’s fastest growing hospitality businesses. 

What we delivered

Better functionality – improved performance and a single source of truth

Cheaper – enabled savings of £90k+ a year

And a platform to innovate. Autonomy and empowerment are at the heart of the Honest employee experience: the team can now use a no-code platform to re-engineer their own workflows and tech, giving them the control and space to innovate. 

Who are Honest Burgers?

Honest Burgers is one of the UK’s fastest growing hospitality brands.

They’re renowned for the quality of their food, the humanity of their service and their outstanding culture and employee experience.

Honest Burgers logo

The challenge

“We’d been unhappy with our People tech infrastructure for some time, but the COVID lockdown really brought it home… we were spending a lot of money on an HRIS system with a clunky, outdated user experience that stopped us innovating and which couldn’t give us an accurate view of our business.

We needed to redesign our People tech infrastructure to enable us to be more agile and innovative and to support our culture and growth ambitions. If we wanted to be agile we needed to own and control our tech infrastructure.

The first step was to consolidate our data and integrate our front end systems into a single source of truth so we could enable better decision making and empower our teams to take control of their own ways of working.”

Chantal Wilson, People Director at Honest Burgers

What we did

  1. Built the foundations: migrated all of Honest’s data from legacy systems and spreadsheets into a cloud based, structured database built on Hasura. This new system has data feeds from all of Honest’s front end systems and chatbots, and there are quality protocols in place to ensure ongoing data integrity. This means that Honest now has a single source of truth and the ability to track relationships between systems giving managers accurate data in real time.
  2. Gave Honest back control of their processes and ways of working: we integrated a no code platform into the system, so teams within Honest could have the autonomy to manage their own processes and workflows. The Ops and People teams are no longer reliant on external suppliers or the IT department when they want to change something or innovate. Business challenges or inefficiencies that would have taken months to resolve, can now be fixed in hours by people from a non-Tech background.

The results

Honest can now turn off their expensive and outdated HRIS platform saving £90k a year and they avoided the need to invest in a new Business Insights tool that would have cost £50k a year.

Their chatbots and front end systems are now faster, more reliable and more responsive; and they have a technology infrastructure that can scale with their business and support the employee experience and culture they’re looking to nurture.

We’ve coached people from the Operations and People teams to use the no-code platform to redesign technology processes and information flows so they can fix their own problems.

What they said about us

“We knew what we wanted. We just hadnt a clue how to get there properly. Working with The Pioneers meant that what we thought was going to take a couple of years, actually took a couple of weeks.”

Dub Lee, Systems Architect at Honest Burgers

“Look at Honest Burgers… the way they operate is like a super software powerhouse, people have access to technology which is almost science fiction. The job workers do is traditional, but the way they operate is close to the best technology companies around.”

Julien Codorniou, VP of Workplace by Facebook

What our team had to say

“You don’t need an army of coders to take ownership of your own People tech stack. 

People are waking up to the opportunity created by new open source SaaS and no code tools to create better functionality for a fraction of the price.

The thing I’m most proud of is that we’ve created an infrastructure that makes the Honest team autonomous and self-reliant… they now have the power to determine their own ways of working and to improve their business at pace.”

Ben Ford, Tech Partner at The Pioneers

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The future of work is already here… it’s just not evenly distributed!

If you’re a hospitality business frustrated by the cost and limitations of your existing People tech infrastructure – we can help you build something that’s better, significantly cheaper and gives you the power to design your own ways of working.

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