What’s your challenge?

You want to use your people to get a competitive advantage

Our management innovation programmes help companies discover new ways of working that make their people, customers and finance directors even happier »

You've changed your strategy and now you need to change behaviour

If you need your organisation to be more collaborative, customer focused and agile, we can help you develop the culture you need to deliver your strategy »

Your brand proposition isn't reflected in the behaviour of your customer facing teams

We can help you deliver a service proposition that's consistently on brand, but which also allows your employees to be authentic, personal and responsive »

You're leading a project and want help engaging your stakeholders

If you're implementing a new system or restructuring a part of your organisation, we can help your project team to create a simple story about what's changing and why »

Part of your business is suffering with a negative people management culture

If your people are disengaged and unhappy they won't be performing at their best. We can help you turn things around »

What’s your challenge?

You want to move away from a 'Command and Control' style of management

We run bespoke development programmes for team leaders, general managers and multi site leaders looking to develop their people management skills »

You need to inspire and align your whole organisation around your new strategy

We can help you create a simple and compelling strategic narrative, but more importantly, we can make sure you align your managers so everyone is moving in the same direction »

You want to bring your HR team up-to-date with the latest research about how people really work

We run bespoke programmes for HR teams looking to develop their people management expertise and consultancy skills »

Your company has grown and you need to rethink how you're managing your people

We can advise on how to develop your people management practices without compromising on the things that have made you successful »

You've got a different challenge!

We love new challenges - if we can help we will, and if we can't we'll tell you right away, so please feel free to get in touch »

  • Greg Swift, Regional Managing Director, Nando's

    "It was refreshing and exciting to work with Matt and Bee. They were humble (and smart) enough to take the time to understand our business not only commercially but from the inside out. Right through the entire program they took great care to truly listen to what we wanted and how we were feeling along the way. They reacted with precision and flexibility but also with a genuine smile and a will for everyone involved to find ways to improve. Never at a loss for ideas but more importantly, direction delivered with compassion and understanding of individual and group needs. The Pioneers get it, they have an innate ability to identify great and authentic leadership and quietly shine the light for others to follow."  Greg Swift, Regional Managing Director, Nando's

  • Beth Chadwick, Engagement Programme Manager

    "As a the lead for an engagement programme at a major luxury automotive company, I contacted The Pioneers. In all my dealings with them, they always made the effort to, and had the capacity to, understand our business. As our programme evolved, they were able to offer fresh, innovative solutions quickly and professionally."  Beth Chadwick, Engagement Programme Manager

  • Mark Sudwell, Communications Leader, Corporate Affairs, Canada and Europe, Lilly

    "I’ve worked with Matt and Bee since 2012 when Lilly undertook a significant reorganisation of its commercial operation in Europe. There are many consultancies that will offer you support in organisational change and employee engagement but few with the expertise and interest in the complexities and idiosyncrasies of your business that The Pioneers bring with them. They are relentlessly enthusiastic, long after you have lost the will to keep going, and utterly reliable. They genuinely care about their clients businesses and the people who operate in them."  Mark Sudwell, Communications Leader, Corporate Affairs, Canada and Europe, Lilly