Storytelling and influencing skills

What is it?

Storytelling is a practical art. Even great stories need compelling storytellers to bring them to life.

This is an applied, challenging and dynamic workshop that helps managers to develop the practical storytelling and influencing skills they need to connect with audiences.

Who is it designed for?

Leaders, people managers and project managers who want to influence the way their colleagues think and feel, their decisions and behaviour.

Why should you be interested?

You want to develop the practical skills you need to communicate effectively and to influence how an people think and feel.

How do we make it work?

Preparation call: we need to understand the context in which your team typically communicates. We will then design the workshop around a series of scenarios that are relevant to their roles.

Workshop: the workshop will be co-facilitated by one of our Partners and one of our Performance Coaches. This approach allows us to bring together the theory and practice of effective storytelling. We will look at key principles like the importance of staging, body language and tone of voice, as well as exploring the communications challenges posed by the different scenarios. The focus on the session is on practical skills and exercises, with plenty of opportunities to practice, experiment with new approaches and receive feedback.