Our story

Our story

Who are The Pioneers?

We’re a management innovation consultancy that specialises in helping companies to find better ways to manage their people.

Why bother?

The evidence is now compelling: engaged employees are more valuable to the companies they work for. We believe that making people happier, more fulfilled and more engaged in their work is the key to harnessing their strengths for the benefit of the organisation.

What’s the problem?

We don’t like the idea that millions of people are currently doing jobs that they find unfulfilling; working in stale, command and control cultures where they’re managed like automatons. We’re not utopians, but we know things could be better.

We also think that the world’s now too competitive for companies to keep wasting the talent of many of their employees. For many industries, how they manage their people is becoming a key source of competitive advantage.

If your managers don’t understand how people really work, what motivates their teams or how to utilise employees’ individual strengths — your organisation won’t be able to get the best from your people.

How can The Pioneers help?

Our approach draws on the very latest research from positive psychology and behavioural economics. We help our clients understand how people really work and how they can use these insights to transform the culture and performance of their business.

We don’t try to tell any of our clients how to run their businesses or how their people should behave. Instead we work as an innovation partner. We help our clients develop the capability to try new ways of working and to discover what works for them. When we find something that works — something that makes people more engaged while demonstrably adding value to the business — we help clients to amplify the benefits across their whole organisation. Our role is to give people the advice, tools, skills and space to explore new, more effective ways of managing their people.

Who do we like to work with?

Our clients recognise that how they manage their people is key to beating the competition. If you think your business could benefit from improving employee engagement, please get in touch.

Maybe you’re looking for ways to make your brand proposition resonate in the behaviour of your customer facing staff. Or perhaps you need to move away from a management culture of command and control towards something more inspirational and engaging which really enables people to play to their strengths.

We can help channel new ideas into your business in a way that’s practical and which demonstrates added value.

And we need your help!

We’re constantly looking for new ideas and great people we can learn from and work with. If you see the world in the same way we do and think you could add to our thinking or what we’re able to offer our clients please get in touch.