Our story

Our story

You’ll spend most of your life either at work or asleep.

At The Pioneers, we really don’t have a problem with sleep. We like sleep. We think sleep’s a pretty good thing.

But we do think work could be a whole lot better.

We all know people who are genuinely unhappy in their jobs. They work for organisations who use them like robots or for managers who treat them unfairly, but they stick at it because they need the money.

There are also millions of people who think their job is “ok”. It’s not making them depressed, but they’re not inspired; they don’t feel they’re contributing to something meaningful and they don’t have the opportunity to develop their strengths or express their personality.

The reason Bee and I set up The Pioneers is because we think this is a huge waste of people’s time and talent.

We genuinely think this is a challenge worth tackling. Not just because we don’t like the idea of someone getting up and going to work for 50 years to do a job that leaves them feeling unfulfilled. But also because we think organisations that don’t manage their people effectively tend to create mediocre customer experiences and average business performance.

At The Pioneers we help organisations find new ways of working that make their people demonstrably happier, more engaged and more fulfilled.

And we don’t think these new management practices will be sustainable, unless we can also prove that they’ve led to happier customers and improved business performance.

We want The Pioneers to be the go-to consultancy for leaders who want their people and culture to be a source of competitive advantage.

Our vision is to create a consultancy that has a reputation for providing a fresh perspective and insightful advice, based on cutting edge scientific research.

We’re also very proud of being commercial, pragmatic and applied. We want to make a difference and to get the results that prove it.

And finally, we wouldn’t be The Pioneers unless we aspired to be a bit superhuman: fun to work with, passionate about what we do and striving to change to world.