What the tribe’s been saying in July

by Bee Heller
August 2, 2017

A quick run through of some of the best ideas and articles we’ve come across this July…

Some ideas for growing a data driven culture in your company: giving people access to good data and giving them the skills to use it well is key to your business making good decisions so we’re fans of any ideas for making better use of data.

HBR research on the counterintuitive effects of hiring a Chief Risk Officer: hiring a Chief Risk Officer can increase a bank’s exposure to risk partly because other leaders absolve themselves of responsibility for managing risk. A good example of how a ‘common sense’ intervention or change can have unintended consequences. 

Advice from Cultureamp on improving performance reviews: six steps to better performance reviews. Take particular note of step six – once you’ve tried something new keep reviewing whether it’s working and refining your approach.

An HBR article on how HR can become more agile: it’s not just tech teams that can benefit from working in an agile way, HR can too. A couple of nice ideas in this article: 1. go and see how agile organisations work and the culture they have; 2. introduce retrospectives – regular reviews of the way you’re working so you can keep learning and building on what’s working well. 

Research from Wharton on the damaging effect of incivility in the workplace: being uncivil not only damages our personal relationships and wellbeing, incivility in the workplace also seriously hampers business performance.

Why getting rid of managers didn’t work for Google and what they learnt in the process: When Google experimented with getting rid of all managers things didn’t go so well. But instead of simply reinstating all managers and exclaiming nothing could be done, they decided to discover ways of making all their managers the best people managers they could be. This article reveals what Google has learnt so far…