What is employee experience?

by Matt Grimshaw
December 1, 2017

Employee experience is a hot topic in HR circles. Not so long ago, it seemed like only rapid growth tech businesses were interested in ‘candidate experience’, but now the conversation’s definitely going mainstream. And while we’ve seen a lot of great content doing the rounds on employee experience, there also seem to be a number of different perspectives on what employee experience actually is.

So here’s how we at The Pioneers look at employee experience…

Every company is on a journey. It has a history, a vision of where it wants to get to in the future and set of present challenges, opportunities, strategies and ways of working that define its present reality.

Everyone who works for a company is also on their own personal journey. They have their own past experiences, hopes for future and current preoccupations.

At thousands and thousands of touch-points these journeys interact.

For us, employee experience is about making these interactions work for both the employee and the organisation.

We therefore think of employee experience as a design principle that should be used when developing new people management practices or HR processes, introducing new technology or refurbishing workplace environments.

What does this mean in practice? Click here to find out how to improve employee experience.

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