Do you want to change the world?

by Matt Grimshaw
May 4, 2017

At The Pioneers we want to change the way the world manages its people. And one of the things we’ve come to realise in the 3.5 years since we launched our business, is that we do our best work for organisations who also have similarly big hairy audacious goals.

Last month we ran a workshop for Funding Circle. For anyone who hasn’t heard of them, Funding Circle are revolutionising lending to SMEs. You only need to spend 5 minutes with them to get infected by their entrepreneurial spirit: the unwavering focus on growth, the courage to be a pioneer and the determination to achieve something groundbreaking.

We want more clients like this. So this month we’re launching a new product – Building your people and culture growth engine. It’s aimed at rapidly growing companies who want their culture and management practices to be a source of competitive advantage… companies who are prepared to experiment with new ideas to discover the ways of working that will fuel their growth and success.

What makes us different at The Pioneers is that we bring together three things:

  1. insights from scientific research into how people really work
  2. practical experience of how to effect change in an agile, evidence based way
  3. the ability to understand different business models and the factors that influence behaviour and performance

The third point is really important. You can’t offer useful, actionable advice as a consultant, unless you take the time to really understand the business you’re working with. That’s why when we get a new client, we always start with an enquiry.

Our ‘Building your people and culture growth engine‘ product offers rapidly growing SMEs a comprehensive assessment of whether their culture and people management practices are aligned to their brand, strategy and vision. We can complete the assessment in less than two weeks and for companies who don’t already have accurate engagement metrics, we are partnering with CultureAmp to ensure you have access to the best people analytics software on the market. What the assessment gives you is an expert perspective on the strengths and limitations of your culture and your approach to people management; a clear route map for how you can develop over time; and specific, actionable recommendations that are relevant to challenges and opportunities you currently face.

If you’re trying to change the world and you think your people could be the difference between success or failure, please get in touch.

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