What the tribe’s been saying in September

by Bee Heller
October 5, 2017

A quick run through of some of the best ideas and articles we’ve come across this September…

A quick summary from Josh Bersin (of Bersin by Deloitte) on the voluminous subject of the future of work and the role HR needs to play.

The ever useful resource that is re:Work from Google has come out with the results from their research on what makes teams effective. This article identifies the dynamics of effective teams and also gives you access to practical tools for supporting teams to strive for these dynamics.

A short but sweet video from HBR on the difference between good and great leadership (and it’s not that great is better). The good scale is about morals, the great scale is about impact and it’s the combination of the two that we want to see in our organisations.

A great article from the LinkedIn Talent Blog on being truthful with candidates. If the sales pitch doesn’t match up to reality, you may find yourself solving a recruitment problem only to land up with a retention issue instead.

A lovely simple example from Arianna Huffington on how she’s implemented a policy of deleting all her employees’ emails while they’re on holiday so they don’t come back to a full inbox. It might sound dramatic but take 3 minutes to read this article and you’ll probably want to try it yourself.

If you’re thinking about updating your approach to induction or creating a new employee handbook, read this article about tech solutions firm Metal Toad first. Straightforward advice on how to create an employee handbook that’s actually useful and the good news is it should be effortless too (or you’re not doing it right).