What the tribe’s been saying in October

by Bee Heller
October 31, 2017

A quick run through some of the best ideas and articles we’ve come across this October…

Many tech companies have long been held up as examples of organisations that have got culture ‘right’. This LinkedIn article shines a light on the less discussed issue of the dangers of hiring for cultural-fit in these environments, suggesting that hiring for diversity matters more.

There seems to be a bit of a backlash against the working-from-home movement. This article is the best account we’ve come across of when remote working doesn’t work.

But before you start calling all your remote workers back into the office, here are arguments for why working from home should be standard practice based on evidence from one company’s random control trial.

We remember events differently to how we experience them. This piece of insight might transform the way you think about your customer interactions. Perhaps you should be designing memories not experiences.

The brilliant minds at McKinsey have pulled together their insights on the five necessities for successful agile transformations.

If you spend anytime recruiting you really should be using software to make your life easier. However, with so many recruitment platforms out there it’s easy to overkill on a solution. This article provides some excellent tips for finding the right recruiting software to support your needs.

Before you go changing your recruitment process or introducing any new software to support the process, start by thinking about what candidates want from a recruitment process.

Got a task on your hand to influence someone? Don’t bamboozle them with facts – no matter how robust they still may not work. Here’s what you really need to think about if you want to change people’s minds.