What the tribe’s been saying in November

by Bee Heller
November 30, 2017

A quick run through some of the best articles and ideas we’ve come across this November…

If you’re in a hyper-growth environment, beware the risks of pursuing growth above everything else. If your culture starts to turn bad, it can do so very quickly, says Culture Amp CEO Didier Elzinga in this LinkedIn article.

A highly practical guide from Culture Amp on taking an agile approach to responding to employee feedback data.

Feeling a sense of belonging at work is a critical source of intrinsic motivation for employees. This LinkedIn article highlights how managers can support people to feel a sense of belonging at work.

Excellent LinkedIn article on the lessons learned by companies that have been trying to increase their diversity – sometimes the obvious approach doesn’t actually work.

How do you create a collaborative environment that doesn’t stifle individual productivity? Some interesting research and practical ideas in this Wharton article.

If you haven’t already, you should ask yourself the question: ‘What culture are you prepared to tolerate?

How do you iteratively build a fantastic employee induction process that continues to positively impact employees and your business: creating a culture first onboarding programme.

Some compelling HBR research on the science of decision making and evidence that we make better choices if we compare all our options together rather than one at a time.

At The Pioneers we run an excellent workshop on fostering creativity and innovation. We get people improvising, sharing stories and prototyping things in Lego. One of the things that makes this session work so well is the positive atmosphere that it creates. It was therefore heartening to read this HBR research on how to set people up for better brainstorming conversations… asking people to start by sharing an embarrassing story, although it can be uncomfortable at first, soon gets people laughing and breaks down social barriers which in turn contributes to people generating more and more varied ideas. Next time you want to generate ideas from your team why don’t you start by sharing an embarrassing story about yourself!