What the tribe’s been saying in May

by Bee Heller
June 1, 2017

A quick run through of some of the best articles and ideas we’ve come across in May…

Research into the effects of pay transparency reported in HBR: based on 10 years of data on Baseball teams the research looked at the pros and cons of pay transparency. The key lesson to take away – if you make pay transparent you must make performance transparent too.

A Quartz article on why we should waste more time: somehow we’ve come to accept being busy as the norm and a sign that things are going well – why is this? This article argues we should be comfortable with the idea of allowing ourselves to ‘waste’ time.

A Fast Company article on HiPPO bias: HiPPO bias is our tendency to listen to the ‘highest paid person’s opinion’. This article shares insights from a Googler on how to prevent this happening in your organisation (assuming you want to of course).

A video from a Google re:Work event on the importance of company culture: particularly the importance of assessing company culture ahead of investing in a business. We wish more private equity businesses would copy the Motley Fool approach and invest on the basis of culture.

An article on time in the Science of Us: when would you turn up if someone told you, “next Wednesday’s meeting has been moved forward two days”? You might think it’s pretty clear what that means but depending on whether you have an ego-moving or time-moving perspective, you’ll interpret the sentence differently. This is a really interesting article and highlights the importance of crystal clear communication.

The launch of a desk traffic light system product in New Scientist: the first iteration of this product may not have all the measures right, but the concept of finding a way of preventing people being interrupted while in flow at work is a worthy one.