What the tribe’s been saying in June

by Bee Heller
June 29, 2017

A quick run through of some of the best articles and ideas we’ve come across this June…

HBR research on why managers avoid giving praise: managers seem to overrate the role of negative feedback and undervalue positive feedback. This helps explain one of Matt’s blogs pondering why managers don’t give more recognition.

Google re:Work interview with John Doerr: 5 minute interview explaining why even the smallest companies should invest in their people function and why data really matters.

A really good HBR article on organisational culture: the best article on company culture that we’ve come across in a while – if you’re a business leader you really should be able to answer these questions about your culture.

A Guardian article on learning styles: according to leading scientists people do not have individual ‘learning styles’. Instead of trying to identify and then teach to people’s preferred learning style, you’re better off continuing to mix up your approach and reviewing the evidence to discover what’s working instead.

New York Times article by Martin Seligman and John Tierney on the purpose of emotions: a new field of ‘prospective psychology’ looks at the purpose of emotions and suggests they exist to guide our future behaviour and moral judgements. This is a really interesting article on why human beings are unique because of our tendency to focus on the future rather than the present.

HBR is encouraging us to say ‘no’ more: contrary to much advice, innovation often comes from being highly selective about the ideas you pursue and invest time and effort in. Saying ‘yes’ just to please can be a huge drain on resources. This article gives some top tips for creating a culture of saying ‘no’ more in your organisation.

A great article on time management: time management is a critical skill if you want to be productive and effective at work. Helping your colleagues help you with your time management is also vitally important. This article is full of practical ideas you might want to test out for yourself.

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