What the tribe’s been saying in April

by Bee Heller
May 4, 2017

A quick run through some of the best articles and ideas we’ve come across in April…

New research published in the Academy of Management: studies with school teachers and factory workers reveal fascinating insights about the creative value of slightly overqualified employees.

An HBR article on middle managers: middle managers often get a bad rap but perhaps this is unfairly dished out. This HBR article launching new research suggests middle managers have a tough psychological gig, constantly switching between being a leader and a follower. These roles require different mindsets and behavioural styles – an exhausting task switching activity.

A new book on how to learn as an adult: some lessons how we can learn better. Tips include: quizzing ourselves; making information emotional or meaningful; continuing to challenge ourselves; explaining new ideas and information to ourselves and other people.

A Wharton article on productivity: yet more evidence that avoiding distractions is really important to producing high quality work in a timely manner.

An HBR article on cultivating judgement on the front line: chiming with Bee’s blog on the United customer service fiasco, John Deighton writing for HBR believes that companies must trust their front line employees and give them the skills to make good judgements.