Pioneering customer service from Netflix

by Bee Heller
November 6, 2013

I came across this transcript of an exchange between a customer and Netflix online support showing customer service at its best. The customer had an issue streaming an episode of their favourite show. They’d been having the same problem for three days running and had failed to get through to support on the usual “report a problem with streaming” button. Below is a copy of the entire online conversation that then took place…

You: hi

You: I have a problem to report

Netflix: This is Cpt. Mike of the good ship Netflix, which member of the crew am I speaking with today?

You: Greetings, Captain. Lt Norm here

You: Engineering has a problem to report

Netflix: LT, what seems to be the problem?

You: Visual displays are erratic, sir

You: season 5, episode 13 of Parks and Recreation is behaving oddly

Netflix: How so, LT?

You: at 5 minutes of operation

You: roughly

You: the visual creates a temporal loop

You: and nearly 3 seconds of footage repeats over and over again

You: Our ship seems to be immune to the effect, as our lives are not actually repeating over and over

Netflix: Oh, no. LT I told you no watching Netflix while we sail through the Burmuda Triangle. : )

You: Dammit, I’m an engineer, not a navigator

Netflix: : )

You: We are not sure whether our instruments are at fault, or if some anomaly is present

Netflix: LT Norm, does this happen at any other points on any other shows?

You: But, this temporal loop has occurred at the same place on three separate days

You: no other episodes of either Parks and Rec or other shows have been affected

You: We have attempted restarting the episode from the beginning, and she didn’t budge, Captain.

Netflix: LT, that is no good at all. \

You: We also attempted to start the episode “after” the anomaly, and we were pulled back in and the loop continued!

Netflix: Ok. I will get this issue flagged so our techs can look at it.

You: Worst of all, Captain… the dialogue… It looped over Councilwoman Knope saying, “This is real life… This is real life… This is real life…” WHAT DOES IT MEAN???

Netflix: HAHA

Netflix: That is a horrible place to get stuck.

Netflix: Councilwoman Knope is such a worrier.

You: Indeed, Captain.

Netflix: : )

You: [Oh, also, your “report a problem with streaming” wasn’t working a minute ago. Hence this chat, which also happens to be best customer service experience I think I have ever had.]

Netflix: Well thank you.

Netflix: We got that reported on our end.

You: This needs to go on a blog somewhere…

Netflix: you will get a prompt to receive a transcript of this conversation when we are done. : )

You: YES.

Netflix: LT Norm, are there any other Netflix issues I could help you with today?

You: I almost wish there were.

Netflix: Hehe:) Have a wonderful night. And one more thing, if you wouldn’t mind, please stay online for a one question survey.

You: will do

This chat session has ended.

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